Relationship (First Date)Edit


Every one of your villagers must have a relationship with a friend's villager you desired in order to enable a marriage between the two.To get relationships with others, invite more friends and try to ask a relationship from one of his/her villagers. To know if your villagers want a relationship, click the villager to check if he/she needs a relationship. You must see the villager that has a speech bubble with a heart in it. Is true!


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A picture of a wedding in Village Life.

After relationship, your villagers must be married if the villager needs to be married. Marriage might make you to the next level because your villager will be so happy after marriage.To know if your villagers needed marriage from his/her relationship your friend must accept the marriage so your villager is married.


If they choose to stay in your village after marriage you will eventually have the option to let them have a baby. A baby icon will appear in a need bubble once they`re ready to have a baby. You will then find out if they conceived this time of will have to wait 12 hours to try againEdit

This is the final stage in a villager's life cycle. Old villagers have white hair and white beards. Once a few days have gone by (it depends), he/she will die and leave behind gems and special oil for your fire.  

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Family TreeEdit

So basically you need to teach very lagers how to say goodbye. You do this by some way I don't know how.
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