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Gathering is an action that uses your villger's energy to gather materials. 

Gathering Table
Name Keys Needed Number Collected Collecting Time Gathered From Tools
Pine          0      10 1m 0s Pine Tree Mastered Burlap Sack
Vines          0        5 1m 0s Vine Tree Mastered Burlap Sack
Mud          0        8 15m 0s Mud Pit Mastered Driftwood
Birch          1       10 10m 0s Birch Tree Mastered Burlap Sack          +              Tin Knife               +            Pine Box 
Grass          1        6 2m 0s Long Grass Mastered Burlap Sack         +           Flint Pick             +          String
Clay          1       10 45m 0s Clay Pit Mastered Driftwood              +           Flint Trowel          +                  Rope                +            Pine Box
Elm          2       12 30m 0s Elm Tree Mastered Burlap Sack         +             Bronze Axe           +            Pine Box
Reeds          2       12 2h 0m 0s Reeds Mastered Burlap Sack
Cotton          2         6 30m 0s Cotton Shrub Mastered Burlap Sack

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