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Mining is an action that uses you villager's energy to gather mined resouces.

Mining Table
Name Quantity Mined Through Collecting Time Tools Keys Needed
Flint Shards     5 Flint Pile 1m 0s Mastered Driftwood    0
Tin     6 Tin Mine 5m 0s Mastered Driftwood   +         Flick Pick    0
Amethyst   16 Amethyst Mine 2h 0m 0s

Mastered Driftwood         +      Flint Pick       +          Pine Box         +              Tin  Hammer

Sandstone   10 Sandstone Mine 15m 0s Pine Box    +             Tin Pick    1
Copper    7 Copper Mine 30m 0s Pine Box   +             Tin Pick    1
Emerald   18  Emerald Mine 4h 0m 0s Amethyst Box           +           Copper Pick         +         Limestone Hammer    1
Limestone   10  Limestone Mine 45m 0s Mastered Driftwood    2
Iron    6 Iron Mine 30m 0s Mastered Driftwood    2
Sapphire  16 Sapphire Mine 30m 0s Mastered Driftwood    2

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